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Affordable Therapy Ontario

Get In Touch Today And Start Healing

We know the value of therapy and the positive impact it can have which is why we are making it more accessible for everyone.


Our therapy interns are candidates for the MACP Program at Yorkville University. They have completed coursework for their Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology and are now in the final stage of their program, the practicum.


Interns are offering low-cost therapy services to clients virtually throughout Ontario. Our interns use evidence-based treatments and can help with a range of issues including, depression, anxiety, body image, family dysfunction, teen issues, LGBTQ+, relationship troubles and trauma. 


Interns are supervised by Kennedy McLean, Registered Psychotherapist. This means that they will consult with an experienced therapist on a regular basis about your treatment to ensure you receive the best care. 


Do you still have questions? Are you wondering if we can help?

Get in touch now to book a free consult. 

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