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    How Can This Help Me?

    Anger Management is learning to deal with unhealthy behavioural or verbal reactions to your feelings of anger.


    The goal is not to never get angry, that is unrealistic and also unhealthy. The goal is to be able to control your anger and learn to express your emotions in a way that does not hurt yourself or others.


    By teaching you how to communicate more effectively you also learn to get your needs met which may help to reduce the feelings of anger and often the sadness that is underneath.

    What Will We Do?

    In anger management counselling we will look at how you handle conflict as well as your beliefs about conflict and anger. We will challenge unhelpful thought patterns that may be contributing to your anger and try out different coping techniques to see what fits for you.

    What To Expect

    Your first session will involve an initial assessment of your overall well being as well as an intake of your personal history and background. Subsequent therapy sessions are 50 minutes in length and are unique to each individual's treatment plan. Get in touch with me to book your first session here. 

    Anger Management