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    Eating disorders are about more than food. They are complex issues that are influenced by our family environments, relationships, school/career, and the media.


    Understanding Eating Disorders:

    • Anorexia Nervosa: Classified as a mental illness that is characterized by behaviours that interfere with maintaining adequate weight.

    • Bulimia Nervosa: Another serious mental illness that is characterized by periods of restricting food followed by binge eating and then recurrent compensating behaviours to purge the body of the food.  

    • Binge Eating Disorder: A type of eating disorder, classified by recurrent episodes of eating large quantities of food followed by shame, guilt and distress. This is a mental illness that can have a serious effect on an individual’s psychological and physical health.

    • Other Specified Feeding or Eating Disorder: This refers to atypical presentations of anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder among other eating disorders. These are equally serious and can be as life-threatening as the more “typical” presentations.

    *There are other eating disorders specific to children that have not been listed.

    How Does Therapy Help?

    In therapy, we work to help you evaluate your thoughts about your weight, shape and self-image. You will learn to identify triggers, regulate emotions, tolerate distress and reduce harmful behaviours. Therapy will help you to build healthier relationships with others, having a positive effect on your self worth and allowing you to feel more in control of your own life.

    What To Expect

    Your first session will involve an initial assessment of your overall well being as well as an intake of your personal history and background. Subsequent therapy sessions are 50 minutes in length and are unique to each individual's treatment plan. Get in touch with me to book your first session here. 

    Eating Disorders