Integrative psychotherapy combines concepts and counselling interventions from more than one theoretical psychotherapy approach. Most therapists find that there is no one single theory that is adequate for all clients and their varying problems. There is no one therapy that has shown to be remarkably superior in effectiveness in comparison to any other theory.

 It is for this reason that I take an integrative approach to therapy. This allows me to tailor my approach to each person’s individual needs, it allows us to alter treatment or add in elements from other therapeutic styles when necessary and does not de-rail treatment. An integrative approach to therapy is a practical and useful approach in individual, couples and family therapy.


Depending on your unique concerns and needs, therapy can have more structured elements with you as an active participant or might be more open, incorporating techniques such as free association. With younger children, using elements of play therapy or art is often helpful in addition to talk therapy.

Integrative therapy may combine elements of somatic psychotherapy, CBT, DBT, psychodynamic therapy, narrative therapy, play therapy, internal family systems, motivational interviewing and others. 

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