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Chasing Happiness

Chasing Happiness

Chances are, at some time in your life you have been caught in this trap...caught up in the idea of what happiness "should" feel like. If this sounds at all familiar, you are not alone.

So many of us find ourselves chasing this illusion of being happy. I say illusion because we are chasing it without really knowing what 'it' is. We convince ourselves that other people are happy and we are the ones left out of this special club. We look at Instagram or Facebook, the photos of other people living their happy lives and think "why can't I have that?"

The truth is that pictures don't always tell the whole story. People post what they want the world to see. Something that is easy to forget is that most people don't document their worst moments on social media.

It is so easy to get caught up in chasing the idea of happiness that we miss the moments where we may find it. We spend so much time trying to be something else, achieve more...We convince ourselves that this is the key to happiness and fail to notice moments in the present. It is in these moments when small things happen that might make us smile. So next time you step outside and feel the sunshine, smell a flower, or someone smiles at you, pause, try to take in that feeling for a moment.

After all, isn't this what we are searching for?

About Kennedy

Kennedy has been working in the field of addiction and mental health for 10 years. She currently runs a virtual private practice treating clients throughout Ontario.   

Kennedy's practice currently focuses on trauma, attachment, couples therapy. Associate therapists work with people of all ages experiencing a wide range of concerns such as stress, depression, anxiety, relationship distress, and grief for example.

Anything written in blog posts are the thoughts of Kennedy. They are intended to offer information that may be interesting or useful for contemplation.


Nothing written is intended to be a substitute for seeking professional help.

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