Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic therapy is the oldest of the modern therapies, growing out of the theories and practices of psychoanalysis. Psychodynamic psychotherapy offers you a chance to create new ways of thinking and behaving to improve your quality of life. In psychodynamic therapy, the goal is to recognize, explore or interpret, thoughts, sensations, feelings, and ways of relating that contribute to the difficulties you face that may be outside of your awareness, also known as your unconscious.

Another focus of psychodynamic therapy is your interaction with other people. Psychodynamic psychotherapy focuses on how current, and past relationships and life events affect your feelings and the choices you make. As your therapist, I help you identify the ways you defend yourself against painful thoughts or emotions, sometimes without even knowing it.


Psychodynamic psychotherapy can be brief and lime-limited, although it is often open-ended and long-term. Sessions are typically held once or twice per week. Psychodynamic psychotherapy emphasizes the close working partnership between you and the therapist, the therapeutic alliance. One way you learn about yourself is by exploring your interactions in the therapeutic relationship. This can demonstrate how you may interact with your friends and loved ones.

Transference in therapy can show how early-life relationships affect you today. Transference is the transferring of your feelings (for a parent for example) onto the therapist. This is a common occurrence in therapy. Examining this allows you to also look at interpersonal relationships and helps you to understand relationship patterns.


Psychodynamic therapy can help you recognize your needs and the healthy and unhealthy ways of meeting those needs. It can also help you identify ways to improve your ability to communicate. You may find that as the way you think and feel about yourself shifts, the way you react to other people changes. New perspectives can emerge, leading to the opportunity for long-term change.


The goals of psychodynamic therapy are to increase your self-awareness and understanding of the influence of the past on present behaviour. Psychodynamic psychotherapy is an effective treatment for anxiety disorders, depression, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, and substance-related disorders.

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