Teen Counselling

Being a teen is hard. There is so much going on in your teen's life that they are trying to adjust to. Their hormones are all over the place, they don't have control over what they want to do, and people at school can be really mean.


Your teen wants to fit in, which can be hard if people are doing things that they don't agree with. Maybe they started experimenting with drugs or alcohol, but now they feel like they can't stop and things seem to be spinning out of control.​


There are so many things that can add stress; a difficult family situation, being a competitive athlete, questions about sexuality. Understandably, your teen might be feeling overwhelmed. Everyone needs help sometimes and that is okay. Man teens have difficulties opening up to their parents about certain issues and need a neutral party to talk to about difficult subjects. 

Online Counselling for Teens

Youth counselling sessions can help:

  • Discover the root cause of unhealthy habits and destructive patterns

  • Improve emotional regulation

  • Increase self-esteem

  • Improve self-awareness and communication skills

  • Teach coping strategies

How Can I Help?

We help teens struggling with symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety, substance abuse and addiction, familial or parental conflicts, self-harm, attachment and developmental trauma.


Some of the adolescents we work with have been diagnosed with mental health issues and have spent years in therapy, while others just need someone to talk to. 

What To Expect

The first session will involve an initial assessment of the adolescent's well-being as well as an intake of their personal history and background. Subsequent therapy sessions are 45 minutes in length and are unique to each individual's treatment plan.  

Counselling for Teens Online in Etobicoke & Mississauga, ON.  


Teen Counselling