Toronto Counselling and Psychotherapy Services

Individual Psychotherapy

Services specializing in but not limited to those who have experienced trauma/with a diagnosis of PTSD. The purpose of psychotherapy is to learn to safely express emotions, develop insight, improve relationships and develop resilience.

Relationship Therapy

Working primarily with couples or two members of a family who are navigating their relationship post-trauma. The purpose of relationship counselling is to help understand the issues faced in your relationship and why they may be occurring. 

Family Therapy

Family therapy looks at the family as a unit, everyone's role, behaviour, and interactions with one another. The purpose of family therapy is often to improve communication and functioning of the family unit as a whole.

Trauma Counselling

Treatment for trauma is complex and can be lengthy. This is because there are so many forms of trauma and different ways it can impact an individual. The first goal of treatment focuses on safety and stabilization. 

First Responders

First responders are exposed to an extraordinary amount of trauma, often becoming "numb" to such horrific events. The needs of first responders are unique and need to be addressed as such in treatment. 

Addiction Counselling

Addictions counselling focuses on more than not using drugs or alcohol. It is not enough to remove the substance, addiction counselling must focus on the root of the problem in order for any real change to be sustained. 

Trauma Therapist

Kennedy McLean, MA, RP (Qualifying)

Kennedy McLean is a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying),  a Certified Complex Trauma Professional (CCTP-II) and a non-certified professional member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA).


Kennedy provides online counselling and psychotherapy to individuals, couples and families facing a wide range of difficulties, including those diagnosed with mental health disorders such as PTSD, Panic Disorder and Substance use Disorder. She also works with those dealing with historical trauma, with first responders, as well as children who have experienced interpersonal traumas.  

Kennedy McLean-Toronto Psychotherapy

What are the Benefits of Talk Therapy?

In psychotherapy sessions, we may work together to identify recurring patterns in relationships, emotions, or behaviours.  Over time, the more you talk, the more you reveal allowing psychotherapy to provide you with the tools to understand yourself and others. With a commitment to therapy and a positive therapeutic relationship, insights are gained that equip you with psychological skills that grow stronger with use. The benefits of therapy not only endure after therapy ends but increase with time.​

Integrative Relational Psychotherapy

There are many reasons why people seek out psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is primarily talk-based and is intended to help those interested in self-discovery, self-exploration as well as to improve and maintain mental health. Many people find that psychotherapy is the piece that has been missing in their wellness routine. 


Online, relational psychotherapy provides a safe place where you can express and understand your feelings, and work through issues in your life to gain clarity without judgment. Talking through your problems and emotions with a licensed psychotherapist allows you to make connections, gain insight and find solutions.


If you have experienced loss, if you have been in painful relationships, if you are experiencing panic attacks or struggling with your anger, let me help you. If you have experienced a traumatic event, whether you have been diagnosed with PTSD or not, there is a place for you. If you are feeling stress or anxiety about work, life, school, kids, or any number of things, your problems matter. If you have been using substances to self-medicate, to numb your pain or just to zone out and want to explore other options without judgment, I am here to listen. If your struggles are related to codependency and anxious attachment, life transitions, family dysfunction, unresolved issues of the past, gender, sexuality, body image or anything I have not mentioned, there is a safe space for you here.

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For the health and safety of clients and staff, the office has a fragrance-free policy. Please refrain from wearing scented products when attending your appointments. Service dogs are welcome.

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