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    How does this work?

    During your first appointment, we will explore your concerns and why you have chosen to seek therapy at this time. We will also do an intake, which involves discussing parts of your past as they relate to your future and what is happening now. The initial session and each subsequent session will be 50 minutes in length (unless otherwise specified). 

    How often should I come to see you?

    If you choose to work with me I will give you a day and a time that you would work with me every week or every other week. I do this with clients so they know they have their time set and that I am available. This also helps to ensure progress is maintained and that sessions are spent on process rather than "catching up" on the events that have gone on when too much time has passed between sessions. 


    In the later stages of therapy, some clients choose to come less frequently while others continue to come every two weeks as part of their self-care.

    *There are some cases where having a set time each week does not work because of rotating shifts for example. I am more than happy to accommodate this and find a time that works for you. *

    How long will I need therapy?

    The number of sessions you would attend depends on your specific problem, your needs, how severe your symptoms are, how long the situation has been going on, your support network as well as other health concerns that may be additional stressors. Each person is different and there are so many factors that make it impossible for me to give a quick prediction.

    Will I become dependent on you?

    I see counselling as an investment in yourself. Many clients do come to rely on the insight of their therapist and feel that therapy is a safe space they may never have had. However, my job is not to create client dependence, it is to help you function better.

    What are your fees? How do I pay?

     Therapy requires both a time commitment and financial investment. Some therapists’ rates are higher based on their specialized service, experience and demand for their services. For information please see the fees page.