Relationship Therapy

You are frustrated and stuck in a pattern that isn't working. You want things to change but don't know how to make this happen. You wonder how you ended up here. You are tired of fighting. Maybe you don't even fight anymore but you just feel like you are invisible to your partner or maybe you feel like you are walking on eggshells and you don't know how to communicate without arguing. You miss the way things were. You know you need some help if anything is going to change. 

Relationships are complex. I have worked with many couples in therapy and families to sort through what sometimes feels like a total mess. Couples and relationship counselling often helps people communicate their needs and move forward in a positive direction.


Couples counselling provides a safe place to talk about issues that can sometimes be hard to bring up at home. It is also a time to work through issues that tend to result in arguments but don't ever feel like they get resolved. 


Some reasons people choose to attend relationship therapy:

  • To improve your communication skills especially around issues that cause arguments 

  • To understand each other better

  • To learn to parent as a team

  • To find guidance in deciding whether or not to end a relationship

  • To find strategies to cope with and process a separation/divorce 

  • To rebuild trust in the relationship after infidelity

Marriage counselling sessions can help you to:

  • Prioritize issues 

  • See the negative circular pattern that you are stuck in

  • Identify and name the problems each partner brings forward

  • Learn to express emotions in a relationship

  • Learn and implement effective conflict resolution strategies

  • Forgive emotional injuries

  • Discuss emotional and sexual intimacy and whether each partner's needs are being met

  • Highlight areas of strength and shared values, as well as areas for improvement

  • Set goals together to improve relationship dynamics


What To Expect

Your first session will involve an initial assessment of your well-being and the safety in your relationship. It is a chance for me to see the potential for us to work together and what that work may look like. Typically, the next several sessions are also part of the assessment phase. I see each member of the couple individually and take a personal/family history. We then come back together and the next two sessions are spent discussing what came up. While this is considered "assessment" it is not to say that therapeutic work is not happening. This is laying the crucial foundation for deeper work that occurs at later stages in therapy.  All therapy sessions are 50 minutes in length and are unique to each couple's treatment plan.

Marriage Counselling in Toronto

For the health and safety of clients and staff, the office has a fragrance-free policy. Please refrain from wearing scented products when attending your appointments. Service dogs are welcome.

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