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Couples Counselling-Marriage and Relationship Therapy

You are frustrated and stuck in a pattern that isn't working. You want things to change but don't know how to make this happen. You may wonder how you ended up here. You are tired of fighting, walking on eggshells unable to communicate without arguing. Maybe you and your partner don't even fight anymore but you just feel invisible. You know things weren't always like this but you need some help if anything is going to change. 

Relationships are complex. We have helped many couples to sort through what sometimes feels like a total mess. Marriage counselling helps people communicate their needs and move forward in a positive direction.


Couples counselling provides a safe place to talk about issues that can sometimes be hard to bring up at home. It is also a time to work through issues that tend to result in arguments but don't ever feel like they get resolved. 


Online Relationship Therapy

  • Prioritize Issues

  • Forgive emotional injuries

  • Improve communication skills and understand each other better

  • Learn to parent as a team

  • Find guidance in deciding whether or not to end a relationship

  • Gain strategies to cope with and process a separation/divorce 

  • Rebuild trust in the relationship after infidelity

  • Establish healthy boundaries

  • Identify and communicate your needs

  •  ​Learn and implement effective conflict resolution strategies

  • Discuss emotional and sexual intimacy as well as desire discrepancies 

  • Highlight areas of strength and shared values

  • Set goals together to improve relationship dynamics



Part of the reward of doing marriage and couples therapy is that once trust and connection are solid, you can devote time to nurturing a sense of intimacy with each other, joy in your relationship and to falling in love again. Seeking couples therapy is a sign of health.

What To Expect In Couples Therapy

In the first session, we will explore whether there is a good fit between us and identify the important issues for our work. It can be helpful for you to think about what are your goals for the therapy and what aspects of your life you want to change. It is also important to know that therapy is not a linear and cognitive process, but an open and emotional exploration that often leads to the unexpected. The nature of the work is that it is challenging but we will do this in a setting that is safe and where it is okay to make mistakes and learn. 

Good preparation for couples is to reflect on their own contributions to the conflict or problem rather than what their partner is doing wrong. What kind of a relationship would you want and which steps can you take to get there?

Typically, the first few sessions are part of the assessment phase. We gather data about personal/family history and we work together to understand your attachment patterns in your current relationship. Therapeutic work occurs during the assessment phase and in some respects, this is the most critical phase of therapy,  as it is laying the crucial foundation for deeper work that occurs at later stages in therapy.  

Want a healthier relationship? Reach out now and book a free 15-minute consultation to get started.

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