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Mother and Daughter

Family Therapy

Maybe your family looks great on the outside but this isn't the family lie you want. You don't expect things to be easy but you feel like things seem harder than they should be. Sometimes you feel confident in your plan, and your parenting skills, other days you worry that you are doing it all wrong.  Maybe you worry that you don't know how to give your children the support they need. 

How We Can Help

The truth is that there is no one "right" way to raise children. Most of the families who come to see us are great parents who want the best for their children. The difficulty is that most of the parenting books out there, just like other health or weight loss advice, for example, are very general. It assumes everything will go according to plan or that your child will fit into the norm. Your parenting research may not have told you how to handle a teenager struggling with substance abuse. Examples like this can leave both parents and children/teens feeling frustrated and defeated.  We also work with adults who have struggles with their relationships with family members (siblings, parents and adult children). 

What To Expect From Therapy

Your first session will involve an initial assessment of your wellbeing as well as an intake of your personal and family history.


For families with school-aged children, we often recommend the initial session is completed with the parents alone. This allows us to gather relevant information and saves time. Learn more about child and family therapy here. 

Depending on the situation and the number of family members involved, an assessment may take several sessions. 

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