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Relationship Intensives - Now available ONLINE

As an alternative to couples retreats, relationship mini intensives are now available online for couples in crisis, seeking support for their relationship during uncertain times.

Are you feeling overwhelmed, experiencing anxiety or heartbreak? Do the issues in your marriage seem to be amplified by the profound stress of COVID-19? Is your relationship in a state of crisis?


Online couples therapy intensives are a great adjunct or alternative to weekly couples therapy, especially now, during COVID-19, when leaving the house is hardly an option.


Research demonstrates that couples therapy is most effective when offered in intensive doses upfront. Marriage counselling or couples therapy intensives allow the therapist to get to the heart of the matter in a focused and concise way that couples respond incredibly well to. 

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Weekend Mini-Intensives

How much does it cost?

6-Hour mini-intensive Starting at $1800

4.5-Hour mini-intensive Starting at $1350

3-Hour mini-intensive Starting at $900


Who should attend?

Couples in crisis who need help now in a concentrated way, intensives are well suited for couples navigating life transitions, infidelity, retirement, you name it. Couples who often attend intensives are those on the brink of divorce who need help to make a determination about their relationship.


Intensives are for:

  • Couples who are actively willing to work on their marriage/relationship.

  • Couples who are emotionally dysregulated.

  • Couples struggling with an affair and have had time to process the implications.

  • Couples who are disconnected, distant, or cold.

  • Marriages in which one partner is selfish, demanding, irresponsible, or self-absorbed.

  • Couples who have good reasons to stay married, but are ambivalent.

Who should not attend?

  • We cannot accept couples who engage in regular and ongoing physical violence.

  • Where one partner is in active addiction and requires in-patient care.

  • When an active and untreated mental illness is destroying your marriage.

  • When having an undisclosed affair. 

  • Where one partner refuses to complete the intake assessment prior to the retreat.

  • When one partner is unwilling to put genuine effort into changing their marriage.

Online Relationship Intensives Take Place In The Comfort Of Your Own Home. No Need To Travel. No Extra Planning, Costs or Time.



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