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Marriage Counselling in Mississauga

Marriage and relationship counselling can help you deal with issues related to betrayal, ongoing conflicts, commitment issues, parenting, blended family concerns and anything that is impacting your connection to each other. 

Couples counselling will give you the tools to communicate and connect. We will map out your relationship agreements and understand how you work together as a couple. Each couple is unique and the process is tailored to your individual needs as a couple. 

Happy Couple

Relationships are an integral part of our well-being. Marriage counselling and relationship therapy can help you to understand the negative cycle that so many couples get stuck in. Usually, by the time couples make it to marriage counselling, they feel a sense of urgency or are in crisis. This is often because things have been bad for a while and reach a breaking point, or a betrayal has been uncovered. Couples counselling slows everything down and helps partners to communicate in ways they often are unable to on their own. 

If you are in Mississauga or anywhere within Ontario and interested in marriage counselling, book a free 15-minute consult. I also offer relationship intensives for more focused in-depth work. 

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