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Individual Psychotherapy

Have you been feeling stressed or overwhelmed trying to do 'normal' things? Are you struggling to just 'move on'? Have you been using drugs, alcohol or sex as a distraction or to fill the emptiness you feel when you are by yourself?


Some of the most common symptoms and client concerns we work with include depression, anxiety, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress, grief, sleep disturbance, self-harm, substance abuse, interpersonal issues, and difficulty with emotional regulation. We also work with clients who want to gain a better understanding of themselves, or who recognize that having an ongoing psychotherapeutic relationship would be beneficial to their self-care and overall well-being.  


If any of these sound familiar, you are certainly not alone. Contact us and we can talk about how therapy might help you. We currently offer individual psychotherapy through distance modes of communication-video counselling or telephone. 

Individual Therapy

Online Therapy Sessions In Ontario

How can this help me?

Therapy helps you identify the underlying patterns that keep you stuck. Therapy allows you to understand how the past affects your present behaviour, help you work through challenges and gain better ways of coping. By understanding both the conscious and unconscious causes of your emotions, we are able to make connections. You gain insight into why certain people or behaviours cause such pain for you and trigger what may at times feel like uncontrollable feelings or cause you to shut down.


Sometimes this means mourning the unmet needs of childhood, for others, it may be understanding situations that we have guilt and shame about. Understanding what is happening in the present and the way it may connect to past events allows you to communicate more effectively, to get your needs met. This may help to reduce feelings of anger, resentment and often the sadness that is underneath.


What to expect:

Your first session will involve an initial assessment of your well-being as well as an intake of your personal history and background. Subsequent therapy sessions are 45 minutes in length and will be scheduled weekly or bi-weekly.

Book Your Free 15-Minute consult to get started today!


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