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Virtual Counselling-Online Psychotherapy in Ontario

Offering online therapy, phone therapy, therapy by video conference, teletherapy, video therapy, psychotherapy, and counselling to patients throughout Ontario. 


Virtual counselling and other forms of therapy can help you with life challenges. Online psychotherapy can help bring a new perspective to the difficulties you are experiencing. Virtual psychotherapy can provide you with the self-confidence and direction to achieve your goals.


Psychotherapy can help to provide you with a new perspective into your thoughts, feelings and behaviour, teach you effective coping strategies and new ways of thinking, assist you in identifying your strengths, values and beliefs, improve your relationships with others, practice new skills and strategies for dealing with life challenges and regain a sense of hope and direction.


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Online Therapy

Does Online Therapy Work?

Studies have shown that online therapy can be as effective as seeing a therapist in person. For those who are used to seeing a therapist in their office, it can feel strange at first to do therapy online but usually, it doesn't take long to feel comfortable.

Benefits of Online Therapy

Online therapy has benefits that you may not have thought of. You save time on commuting to your therapist, also allowing you to avoid traffic and construction. This also saves money on gas or parking. You have the benefit of being in the comfort of your own home which can make it easier to open up about sensitive issues.   

Best Practice For Successful Online Counselling 

There are several ways to ensure online counselling is as effective as possible. 

  1. Close other internet programs and put cell phone aside.

  2. Sit somewhere quiet where you have privacy.

  3. Be on time.

  4. Headphones reduce echo and enable an extra level of confidentiality.

  5. Expect technical difficulties, go with the flow, and be prepared to use a backup such as a telephone.

Online Psychotherapy in Ontario

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